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I sometimes see what some Japanese people celebrate anime or game character's birthday in front of own displays. So, I try to make this game.

This game is so easy to play! When you touch "!" mark, the character, kano, is serving drink. After that, you can drink it. That's ALL!! (when you finish it, this game restart soon)

If I can get HMD, I want to try to remake this game for VR and can play 2 people, is serving and served(set HMD).

More information

Published Nov 08, 2015
PlatformsWindows, Unity

Install instructions

- made by Unity(5.2.2f1), win8.1

- File size(.exe) is about 18.4MB

- Leap motion(Please use your right hand and may be can use little cup)


Download 19 MB


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